Who are we - Terra Nova
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Who are we

Brief history

It is on the 12th of Octobre 1973 that “Centrum voor Werkende Jongeren Brussel” started Dutch language courses for foreign language speakers. The goal was to enable them to know more about our society and to make them self-reliant.
In 1982 “Taallessen Nederlands aan Jonge Migranten” (now Terra Nova) became a separate organization with a new board. The organization had an exponential grew of diverse students.
We organized evening classes and classes on Saturday mornings, we improved our didactical materials and students could start their course on several moments a year. Our organization was subsidized by the Flemish Government and the Flemish Community Commission in Brussels.

To make our activities sustainable in the official adult education system we made a cooperation agreement between vzw Terra Nova and CVO Lethas Brussels (a centre for adult education)
Terra Nova started in 2005 an artistic project “Terra Nova in the picture. This project showed in videos and pictures the idea of tolerance thanks to mutual intercultural respect.
We focused on the language and language fun by verbal and non verbal expressions.

In 2013 we stopped our cooperation with CVO Lethas and Terra Nova found a new accommodation in the Globe Aroma infrastructure.

New challenges trigger us to make our city more tolerant, colorful and diverse.

Mission statement

VZW Terra Nova wants to offer courses for foreign language speakers in the Brussels Region, to ensure their social and cultural integration and to empower their self-reliance.

The organization wants to use it’s know how and it’s expertise according to foreign language courses and socio-cultural projects to support teachers and educators in the Brussels area.

The board

The Board  vzw Terra Nova was founded in 1982 (BS 16-9-1982)

The General Meeting of the 29th of May 2019 installed the following Board members:

  • Marie-Jeanne Ceuppens, president
  • Mark de Meyer, treasurer
  • Lut Laenen, secretary
  • Kris De Nys, managing director
  • Walter Palmen
  • Raf Sondervorst
  • Suzanne Vandenbosch
  • Fons Vandergraesen
  • Guy Verhelst


Our courses are coordinated by Marie-Jeanne Ceuppens.
Our team consists of contractual teachers and volunteers that realize our several programs.